How can the fourth end up being first?

Under MMP we may yet see the possibility of the fourth most popular person eventually becoming Prime Minister.

The latest poll has Bill English out in front, with Jacinda Ardern in second place.

Behind Jacindarella is Winston Peters…who is also ahead of Andrew Little. ?

Think about that for a minute.

Only under MMP could a fourth place getter end up being the winner.

If that doesn’t give cause for concern then what will?

In fourth place how can Andrew Little make a credible case to continue to be Leader of the Opposition.

Surely Labour are going to have to make some drastic changes and make those changes rather quickly.

Contrary to the Media party narrative this is all bad news for Labour. Their credibility in having a fourth ranking candidate as leader makes them a laughing stock.

Time for Jacinda Ardern to assume her rightful place as leader of Labour.