Comment of the Day

Vanguard Military School students Marching.
PHOTO-Vanguard Military School Facebook page

From our post on Charter schools on Saturday:

Well Whale Oil did a story few weeks back about the Albany military prep school. I have been looking for apprentices for years for our business. We have been through a few.I

I employed one of the students in the story, Joshua. I will never go to a normal school to offer employment again. ?

Joshua is an amazing 17-year-old who turns up on time every day, communicates while looking at you in the eyes, has a positive attitude, want’s to do the very best job he can do, does not want to be just average.

I feel after employing 4 others previously that Joshua is streets ahead of them and will succeed In life. I have no doubt he will be our best employee in years to come.

Funding money was well spent on Joshua ask he is definately going to be an asset to the community

Another good news story you won’t read about in the mainstream media.