Complete Labour Party policy for 2017: Smile

Comments about Jacinda Ardern’s looks are frustrating and bring on questions about her ‘political credibility’. Photo / Brett Phibbs via NZ Herald

Guest Post

Labour claims they are a “government in waiting” yet they’re so totally useless, over a week since her by-election win and hours after confirming a new deputy leader, Labour still haven’t even been able to update their own website with their own important updates… as of noon yesterday.

…But they’re ready to lead other minor parties and to govern…?

In Labour’s 100 year anniversary why are they so slow to acknowledge Jacinda’s by-election win on their website… and now also with the heroic leap she needed to achieve to get over the raised bar her colleagues set in the deputy leadership contest, winning based on merit and achievements.

Surely the huge delay in this day and age of instant global communication wouldn’t be because they just haven’t organised it… Would it? Surely not. Maybe the delay is because of the rather awkward, cringe issue factor they’re attempting to avoid?

After 3 elections of frustrated angst telling the voters they prefer policy over the cult of personality…. Labour installs an attractive smile to counter the dour profile their Leader exudes and to battle English at the election, whilst hoping like hell no one asks horribly inconvenient questions like “hey Jacinda, what does IUSY mean?” Or like “What do you think were your top 3 achievements in your 8 years of government experience that helped you win Labour’s leadership contest?”

Labour seem almost embarrassed to mention IUSY by its full name, least it scares the voters. But that’s about the only “credible” achievement on her CV… Being closely associated with the International Union of Socialist Youth. Certainly a Degree in communication didn’t help her get her own message across to the Auckland voters both times she asked, but at least her and her leader now have similar “achievements”

So, yeah… Comrades in leadership struggles… Unity…

Besides a limpet needing to eventually be pried from the tax payer funded trough, it appears Labour have “refreshed” and chosen a moderately pretty smile as the only measure of achievement necessary for leadership. Because they certainly didn’t make that appointment based on solid, measurable and credible achievements. At least none that reads as found on Labour’s very own website.

And far from her being installed to attract the youth vote, a woman in her mid/late 30’s is very much plenty old enough to be a granny even. And with most men under 25 y/o, they’re really only after one thing from a woman twice their age with an attractive smile… And it’s not politics. So Miss Cougar be best to chase the female vote. Somehow…

After all the whinging and moaning about National’s rockstar personality cult The Left has harped on and on about, Labour makes their very own cult of personality appointment… And done with a smile. As featured in the Woman’s Weekly no less…

Most embarrassing though for Labour in their 100 year anniversary year, is that a moderately attractive smile can trump all other “talent” that Labour has in waiting for a leadership role. (There must be some really miffed blokes in the NZLP with that Man-ban)

And as sad as that reality is, it’s even sadder for the state of NZ democracy in the longer term, if this is the measure and calibre of what it takes to be appointed for a deputy leadership role of a major political party on the Left.


– blokeintakapuna