Covert Islamic segregation at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre

In Auckland WaterSafe were upfront about their Islamic segregation policy. They openly provided a rate payer funded Muslim Women’s Swimming programme for 12 years in Mount Roskill. At some point, they decided to go under the radar and re-named it the Womens’ Swimming programme but not everyone got the memo and up until Whaleoil broke the story ( admittedly 12 years too late) it was still being advertised and timetabled as Muslim Women’s Swimming lessons.



In Wellington, they are more politically savvy it seems and the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre didn’t make the mistake of openly providing a Sharia compliant swimming programme.

Wellington, after all, is a political city so it comes as no surprise that this example of Islamic segregation is completely covert. Read between the lines and be amazed at how well they have hidden their true purpose.


Note that they make a point of saying that there will be no male?life guards/staff during those sessions. Why is that do you think?

The description doesn’t say all women are welcome, it makes a point of saying women of all ethnic backgrounds are welcome. What do you think they chose those words?

Note the discrimination against boys aged 8 or older. They are being prevented from attending lessons with their mothers but no one has explained why. This is not a child free class as children are welcome of all ages and both genders but boys once they turn eight are not allowed. Why is that?

I decided to find out and this is the question I asked and the response I received.

I was just wondering why mothers can’t bring their 8 year old sons but they can bring their daughters at any age?

The restriction to boys commences at 8 as under our pool supervision rule boys who are able to swim confidently are able to use an alternative pool in the facility.

Girls for some magical reason who are equally able to swim confidently at 8 do not have to leave. Do you think that they gave me the real reason why 8-year-old boys are not welcome?

Note that what I thought was a New Zealand wide heath and safety pool rule against wearing clothing in the pool does not apply to the Women-only swimming group. There is one rule for the general New Zealand public including women but it is not applied to this select group of women. Why is that?

I decided to find out the answer and this is the question I asked and the response I received.

Also, am I allowed to wear tight fitting comfortable clothing to swim in the main pool if I am not attending the women only lessons?

Outside of the Woman?s only session while we do recommend swim wear to be worn; tight fitting clothing can be worn while swimming.

Our policy about age and swimwear is also currently available on our website?

I clicked on their health and safety link and there was nothing against wearing clothing in the pool so it appears that it has become a blanket rule and is not restricted to the women only group. This is very surprising?as Auckland Council’s West Wave Pool and Leisure centre?health and safety rules clearly state that…

  • Appropriate swimwear is to be worn at all times. This includes togs, shorts (above knee) and rash tops ? singlets, boxer shorts, bras or camisoles, and denim shorts are not permitted. If you have concerns about weight, scarring or tattoos we suggest you wear a rash shirt.

I am wondering why a common health and safety restriction for public pools around New Zealand no longer applies to Wellington Council’s Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre. Has this rule been removed from other Wellington Council run pools’ health and safety policies?

When we look at the description as a whole this is the message we receive. The ethnic backgrounds reference is to subtly tell?women who are not coffee coloured that this is really for coffee coloured women. The fact that 8-year-old boys are not welcome tells anyone with half a brain that this women-only programme is for women from a culture that views 8-year-old boys as sexual beings who are a threat to their modesty. The fact that male staff are banned from working there when that group is swimming tells us that even trained and vetted male staff are seen as a threat to the specific group of women swimming there simply because they are male. The fact that the New Zealand wide health and safety pool rule against wearing clothes in the pool is not applied to this specific group of women or indeed anyone using that centre tells us that this rate-payer funded pool is deliberately catering to women who have to cover almost every part of their body in order to be allowed to swim.

Wellington Council like Auckland Council is providing Sharia compliant swimming lessons for Muslim women. They have gone to the trouble of putting lipstick on the pig but it is still a pig.