Crybaby of the Year – Phillip John Smith

Phillip John Smith is a massive crybaby.

The little snowflake has hurty feelings after his syrup was taken off him and now he is suing Corrections.

Convicted murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith has argued in court?that it was a breach of his human rights when Corrections took away his hairpiece.

He told the High Court at Auckland on Monday he was left humiliated when his baldness was revealed through national media as a result.

He also argued that his hairpiece was an “artwork” that was protected by the right?to freedom of expression.

The man is a dickhead. This is a guy who?sodomised a ten-year-old, then stabbed the father of the kid to death, stalked the family, blackmailed them and tried to drive them to suicide. He is sick. He defiled the rights of others and now cries a river of tears because his mirkin has been confiscated.

He suggested Corrections confiscated his hairpiece as “payback” for the humiliation his escape had caused senior officials.

“[They decided] he can go before those cameras, and he can be mocked and ridiculed, because that is what he deserves,” Smith told the High Court.

“Being singled out for special treatment is arbitrary and discriminatory.

“They failed to treat me with humanity and respect.”

He doesn’t deserve respect, he is an animal. He does have some?hope, though, the Judge is Edwin Wylie and he is susceptible to a good bit of theatre. He fell for the glad eye of Mona Dotcom and the falsehoods of Kim Dotcom.