Dear Dame Susan

A Whaleoil reader sent the following email?yesterday to Race Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy after reading about what happened to the Auckland University European Student Association.


Dear Dame Susan,

It is not often I feel the need to send my thought onto someone in ” Public Office” but I am truly upset ( offended seems to be the PC term ) to your attitude towards the Auckland University – European Club.

For the life of me I cannot see how your demonisation of them is anything but ‘ racist” towards a group set up to support like-minded people…….. there are already many clubs set up at the University to achieve ” precisely ” that…
If this is the criteria you apply then surely there would not be any groups being able to be set up to support ” their ” people…..of which I am totally supportive.
I am tired of being a ” white male ” ?who is constantly made to feel ashamed and belittled for who I am……..and you are continuing to foster / promote that through your rhetoric.
As a Race Relations commissioner?I am sure you are charged with representing ALL races but it sure doesn’t feel that way……
Can racism only be effected by ” white ” people ? and if so please just come out and ” say that ” so at least I can understand your thinking and rationale….
kind regards