Once again: we don’t need tougher laws. We need enforcement

Feral gangs of young scum are terrorising Auckland dairy owners. ? It is the same groups?over and over again. ?The solution seems simple… but why isn’t it?

An Auckland community is uniting and calling for tougher penalties after a dairy owner and his wife were beaten by a gang of robbers, leaving them unable to work.

Three dairies in the city were robbed within three days last week – including the Crown Superette in Mt Roskill.

Seven people entered the dairy at about 7am on Sunday morning, making off with the till and trays of cigarettes.

All the owners can do is phone the police. ?And get calls from the insurance companies that they will no longer have cover. ?And… that’s it really. ? Just wait for the next assault and robbery.

the offenders hit Mr Arora over the head numerous times without saying a word, and pushed Mrs Arora to the ground before kicking her.

“They are still in the hospital. Jitesh has had two operations and needs a third, the muscle in his arm is completely dead, he can’t move it.

“Preeti is having nightmares that the people are coming back from her. It’s not good enough, why do they have to go through this?”

The blood of the victims was still all over the floor yesterday, alongside strewn chocolate bars and cigarettes.

“More needs to be done to deter this type of crime,” said Mr Chopra. “The law is too soft, because they are young, they will go to court and be walking the streets again within a week.

Don’t expect Labour to step up here. ?But sadly, don’t expect National to either. ? Crime has gotten away under National, especially crime that hits the community directly, like burglaries and robberies.

“The offenders have no fear of police, no fear of the law or any of the consequences, so the law and order situation is out of control.”

Mr Kaushal said the dairy owners faced not being able to work for six months because of their injuries – costing the government money through ACC and lost taxes.

“We want to ask the government what price they put on a life, how many people need to be killed? Enough is enough.”

Auckland City Western area commander Inspector Jacqui Whittaker said police had met with the group to assure them police were always available.

She said police had visited local businesses over the past year and offered them prevention advice, working with them to increase security measures around their stores.

This is clearly insufficient for the problem being faced.

Imagine what it feels like to have kids come into your business, hit you and your spouse senseless, take what is essentially a pittance, but putting you both out of work for months and months during which time you can’t operate your business. ? ?No, wait. ?There’s more. ?A week or two later these same darlings will be at it again at another dairy. ?And you can just lie there in a ?hospital bed thinking through how long it will be after you’re back before the come back and hit you over the head again.

Police coming along to talk prevention is inadequate.

For starters, there should be Three Strikes on any kind of robbery and burglary. ?Especially it involves aggravated assault!

If they are adults, deal with them harshly’

If they are children, make their parents’ lives HELL through whatever means is possible.

But don’t just recycle them back onto the streets to get fighting fit ready for when the injured dairy owners come back and open up the doors for round two.