Duncan Garner gargles the Koolaid over Jacinda

The Media party are right into the “Jacinda” phenomenon and are pushing and agitating their own agenda. Personally, I think they know Andrew Little can’t win so are foisting their luvvie mate onto the party.

Duncan Garner isn’t just drinking the Koolaid, he is fair gargling it too:

I’ve never been a believer in “circuit breakers” or “silver bullets” in politics.

But?perhaps Jacinda Ardern comes close. Perhaps.

Not because she’s a policy heavyweight and not because she’s destroyed a conga line of National Cabinet ministers.

She hasn’t. She’s hardly laid a finger on any of them. And Bill English is right ? she is untested at the top.

She’s untested at anything, really.

Ardern’s elevation is another good example of the rise of the anti-politician.

Donald Trump is the patron saint of this breed, turning a lack of political experience into a positive.

The same tactic worked for John Key.

Ardern has been in Parliament since 2008. She’s had just about every major portfolio and frankly has barely done any damage to National in any of them.

She’s not a fierce debater in the House and it remains to be seen if she has the stomach for the sharp edge of politics.

I don’t think she does. She just isn’t credible. Watch any video of her for longer than 2 minutes and her terrible flaws and micro-expressions start showing through. They are actually worse than Andrew Little’s. Voters will get a disconnect watching her because they’ve been told she is gorgeous, wonderful, clever, and right for the job, but her expressions and way of speaking tells you she isn’t really sure and nothing at all like she is made out to be. You won’t realise that first but the more you see her the more you will understand…oh and she talks with her eyes closed, creating a barrier to voters. Don’t believe me…go watch the Herald interview with her…it is just two minutes long.

What she is known for is flashing a big smile, DJing at dance parties and being active on social media (she has 61,400 followers on Twitter, Andrew Little has a mere 12,500).

Ardern’s greatest asset is she’s fresh, at 36 she’s young, she’s cool and she’s Auckland. And she’s about to officially become Labour’s new deputy leader after a caucus vote on Tuesday.

She doesn’t bring baggage.?She’s hardly fatigued by climbing Labour’s toxic totem pole.

Actually, Duncan, she’s not young, she’s most certainly not fresh, and not cool unless you think communism and socialism is cool. She?does have baggage, which you will see later.

Ardern’s had a charmed ascent in the Labour Party.?She has faced none of the nastiness and fight that Helen Clark endured ??and which made her battle-hardened and such a formidable prime minister.

Ardern’s been handed a safe electorate in a non-contested, non-event of a by-election; now she’s been passed the deputy’s role as a result.?All without breaking a sweat.?The reality is that it’s an indictment on Labour that this ascent was so easy and unchallenged.

It’s certainly a dream run, but politics is all about timing. And she’s aced it.

Her whole political life has been managed, ironically by other people and not herself. She didn’t stand in an electorate in 2008, but was ordered by Clark to put her name on the list, in 2011….and lost to Nikki Kaye, and lost again in 2014. Ignoring her recent by-election win, she’s actually a political loser. Her only jobs have been as a researcher to Phil Goff and Helen Clark before becoming an MP. Her CV is thinner than Nikki Kaye’s and Jami-Lee Ross’ and that is saying something. She has had nine years in parliament and you can list her achievements on the back of a postage stamp…if those are still used these days.

Right now though, for the Media party at least ‘Little Miss can’t be wrong’: