Dunedin School takes the next step: girls can wear shorts, boys can wear skirts

A Dunedin school is embracing its students’ right to wear their uniform of choice regardless of their gender.

Dunedin North Intermediate students now have a choice of five options: a kilt, culottes, trousers, shorts or a PE uniform.

Principal Heidi Hayward said two students came to her in 2015 asking if they had to wear gendered uniforms, and she could not think of a good reason to enforce it.

“I went away and had a think about it and thought, that seems reasonable.”

Students were then allowed to wear either a kilt or shorts, she said.

However, Ms Hayward said the school had since broadened its uniform range this year to include culottes, for students who might not feel comfortable in the more “masculine” shorts.

“Really there’s nothing ground-breaking, we’re just saying these are the uniform options, pick what you feel comfortable in.”

Are we witnessing the slow progression to a unisex society? ? On the one hand, it means that all the trans, its, they, whatevers automatically fit in.

But the point of a ?uniform is kind of in its name. ?Uniformity. ? It’s all very well to call the skirt a kilt so you can then normalise a boy wearing one. ?Girls with shorts have not been a big deal, like forever.

Year 8 student James Johnson, 13, said he has considered trying culottes, which might be more comfortable than shorts, while fellow Year 8 student Ella Clarke, 12, said she would stick with the kilt because it added a splash of colour to the uniform.

Ms Hayward said she did not expect a lot of boys would decide to wear kilts or culottes any time soon.

“But it still sends the message to them that it’s not actually a problem to wear what you feel comfortable in.”

She said the school chose to remove gender specifications instead of bringing in a new gender-neutral uniform because it was cheaper.

There you go. ?The progressive unisex-ing of our children while at the same time allowing pre- and post-op trans gendered, theys its and goodness know what other plumbing and identity combinations to feel they belong.

Until they have to change for PE.