Are your Easter eggs halal? Yes and no

George writes

I read with interest yesterday Cadbury’s decision not to refer to Easter on their Easter merchandise, so I did a little Easter research in a major supermarket. The only confectionery company that had the word “Easter” on their Easter merchandise was Nestl?, l couldn’t find it on any of the other company’s merchandise. I found this rather sad, especially since “Halal” seems to be the PC appropriate branding now being pursued by many companies.

NZ is a Christian country. Not all NZers are Christian of course, but our society accepts that, and we do not threaten non-Christians with torture and death if they do not worship a Christian God. We open our Parliament with a Christian prayer, we observe all Christian holidays and our fallen service men and women are prayed for at Christian services every ANZAC Day. Yes, we are a Christian country.

So to all those who demand that we show sensitively towards other faiths, why is the desensitising of Christianity the pathway you choose in achieving this objective? Quite frankly, many companies are cowards. They are commercially bullied by activists and they fold and conform to the activist’s demands. These companies are abusing a Christian holiday by commercially exploiting the occasion by not acknowledging the connection. After all, bunnies and eggs are not mentioned in the Bible but why should we let a little detail like that spoil Easter, especially considering that all these bunnies and eggs are “Halal” certified. Can things get any sillier?

I’ll just leave you all with this: