Why a European club is different from other clubs


Foolishly I laboured under the belief that we are all equal here in New Zealand. I expected Auckland University to be a campus where freedom of speech and diversity of cultures would be embraced.

One commenter on the Auckland University Facebook page who studied Human Rights and International Relations at The University of Auckland doesn’t share my point of view and explains why a European club is different from other clubs.

He is not alone in his thinking.

So to sum up the crux of his argument if you live in a country where you are the majority and the dominant culture it makes no sense for you to have a club to celebrate aspects of your culture’s history by doing fun things like medieval re-enactments and having European feasts. University clubs are exclusively reserved for minority groups only.

I wonder if he is aware of the re-enactments that are so popular in America and Britain?

I guess he would think that they make no sense either and should be closed down as well? After all, as the majority culture why should they be allowed to have any fun or celebrate their culture?

Their job is to provide a wealthy, safe, democratic and tolerant ” Westernised/Eurocentric system” for all the deserving minorities to enjoy and take full advantage of.