Face of the Day

At next Tuesday?s full Hutt City Council meeting Mayor Ray Wallace will make a recommendation that Hutt City Council “supports in principle” the living wage and will ask the Chief Executive to investigate paying the living wage to its staff.

Mayor Wallace says, “Hutt City Council has always had a good reputation as a good employer and staff are valued for the work they do for the city.”

“The issue for Council has been recently we received legal advice that states a Council can?t pay the living wage unless it can prove under the Local Government Act that by doing so, it is the most cost effective way to provide the service.

Exactly. ?Your job is to look after the ratepayers and their hard-earned money. ?It is your job to find cost-effective ways to do it. ?

You’re not Santa Claus. ?You’re meant to run a fiscally responsible council.

Now stop being an idiot, and do the job people voted you in for. ? As you didn’t campaign on introducing a living wage, you can wait until the next election.

Homeowners in Lower Hutt will face a rates increase of an average 5.1 per cent – and in poorer areas the hike could be well above that.

Hutt City councillors agreed at a meeting on Tuesday to spend $100 million on projects and allow debt to rise as high as $235m – but the expenditure will see homeowners’ rates hike. ? – Dom Post,?February 23 2017

Looks to me the Lower Hutt council is going the way of Auckland. ? Are there any councils that are actually living within their means?