Face of the Day

Good luck today Geert.

I noticed what this man was saying many years ago when just about everyone thought he was being alarmist and unkind. ?He’s actually the reason Whaleoil started to follow the Muslim problem in Europe and formulated its own view.

That view was that New Zealand was fine right now, but that it needed to learn the lessons from Europe by ensuring our immigration policy would not see New Zealand follow Europe 30-50 years later.

The mechanism of Islamification is now well known. ?And the only way to stop it happening here is to ensure the right kind of Muslims are allowed to immigrate. ?And also, the right amount.

Whaleoil’s view is that we should err on the side of caution in the sense that if we can’t be sure, we shouldn’t take the risk. ?The cost of getting it wrong can be seen in France, Sweden and Belgium. The cost of getting it right is that some people will think of us as unkind.

Many Muslims are nice people, peaceful people and lovely to know. ?The problem is when there are so many of them in communities that they want to stop integration and create enclaves. ?Experience from other parts in the world shows that those become the incubators for Islamification and eventually, radicalisation. ? At the extreme end, in Sweden, there are now neighbourhoods where the police will no longer go.

Unfortunately, no New Zealand political party has dared to expose themselves by saying that they want to prevent a repeat of Europe happening here. ?So we are stuck with choosing between “business as usual” and anti-immigration parties. ? For the time being, at least, it seems that parties that do no have an open-door policy are the most likely to protect us from Islamification, whether that’s an immediate objective or not.

As I write this I don’t know if the Dutch election results are available or are still to come. ?But I do hope that the majority of Dutch people also get to the point of “wanting their country back”.

The open borders, liberal experiment that is Europe is not what its creators had in mind. ?And Brussels won’t fix it. ?As a result, countries need to back away and re-establish their sovereignty.