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I’m gutted. ?The Court of Appeal declined to pay Mr Banks the costs sought after he was exonerated in the High Court.

Former Auckland mayor John Banks has failed in his attempt to claw back $190,000 after spending years fighting and overturning his conviction for filing a false electoral return.

Banks eventually had the conviction overturned and sought costs from the High Court at Auckland, but Justice Edwin Wylie declined to award them.

Banks then appealed that decision to the Court of Appeal, but in a decision released on Tuesday the court said Banks had failed “by some margin” to establish that the witnesses in his trial had committed perjury and deliberately lied in their evidence against him.

At the appeal hearing, heard in Auckland in February, lawyer David Jones QC alleged Banks’ original trial judge, Justice Wylie, had been “duped” by fabricated evidence given by Kim Dotcom and his team.

So Kim Dotcom gets away with another one.

For now.


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