Face of the Day

Adele did to Auckland what nobody else can do. ?Oh, except a pile-up on the motorway, but that doesn’t happen very often. ?Oh, except at least once a day. ?That’s if a truck doesn’t lose its load, an animal doesn’t wander around or the never-ending road works simply steal 2 lanes for 18 months.

Apparently, because Adele was in town, this happened.

Tonight’s show coincided with rush-hour traffic and Auckland Transport warned people to allow several hours to get to Mount Smart Stadium.

The NZ Transport Agency said earlier that people heading south on the northern motorway should consider taking State Highway 18 and 16.

A truck breakdown also blocked traffic tonight, on the S-bend from the northern motorway to the north-western motorway, it said.

In other words, business as normal.

I don’t know which brain box would put on an event so that people attending it need to join the already well-known Auckland rush hour.

And then I don’t understand why anyone would pay all that money to go see a certain performer and simply trust that they’ll make it across Auckland like there is never any problem.