Face of the Day

Jack Tame proposed that farmers should pay for their water, just like townies.

That didn’t sit too well with one farmer…

What a diseased little lefty, townie weasel is Jack Pain. Jack wants the farmers to pay for water because the poor old townies pay and pay and pay, cry me a river Jack.

Citing the need for 400 litres of water been needed to produce for one litre of milk, did you pull that one out of your butt you little weasel?

Apparently farmers use more of the resource than the privileged city dwellers and it just ain’t cricket, oh dear.

Also the bloody farmers don’t pay a cent for water, what sort of world do you infest you lefty tosser ?

Lets clear a few things up dipstick.

The stuff falls out of the sky, all 400 litres of it, we pay for all the infrastructure to store ,pump and shift the stuff , unlike you lefty wonders in the city .

So you want to charge us for water you socialist git, blow it out your arse, you talking civil war crap now.

Yeah nah.