Face of the Day

Labour and Greens have backed the appointment of former National MP Simon Upton as the new environment watchdog, saying he is the best person for the job and has shown he can be critical of his former party.

Upton is set to become the next Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment following a recommendation by a committee of MPs yesterday.

Upton, who left Parliament in 2001, was a National MP for 20 years and held the environmental portfolio for nine years. He is now head of the OECD’s environment directorate, based in Paris.

Just one party, New Zealand First, objected to his appointment because they felt it was political.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, who was on the selection committee, said he did not share New Zealand First’s concerns.

Upton was the “clear-cut choice” out of the candidates, he said.

“He’s known as someone that is very thorough, who is intellectually honest, and will be quite demanding to any government in the area.”

Upton is primarily responsible for the Resource Management Act.

And if that’s not sufficient proof that this is a mistake, the Green party think this is a great appointment.


– NZ Herald