Face of the Day

Ex-National MP Wayne Mapp has outed himself as one of the quality and unassailable sources of Nicholas Hager’s?Hit and Run book. ?

It does appear that way. ?We have an author and a source telling each other what they know and then the author has used Mapp as a source to confirm it is true. ? This kind of self-referential work is shameful. ?It’s a crime against the people of New Zealand. ?It is a travesty.

Why did Mapp wait seven years to tell someone about his misgivings?

Why did he go to Nicky Hager and his pal instead of the authorities?

Why did he intend to remain anonymous until he was outed as “the friend of Wayne Mapp”? ?(Shades of Colin Craig’s Mr X).

The whole thing is a farce. ?Basically they claim it’s true because Wayne Mapp told them and he agrees with himself.

We have indeed been diddled.