Facebook closes Murray’s mate’s account, then buckles under pressure

Murray?McCully pushed through UN Security Council Resolution 2334 as lead sponsor and destroyed New Zealand’s reputation as an honest broker at the United Nations. He made New Zealand side with despots, dictators and Islamists against the?only democracy in the ?Middle East.

Fatah heads up the Palestinian Authority, there were formerly known as the PLO, a terror organisation. These are the supposedly “moderate” faction in Palestine as opposed to Hamas which is a fully fledged terror organisation operating out of Gaza.

Murray McCully sided with them against Israel.

Now Fatah has had their Facebook account closed, and then re-opened after they expressed outrage. The content hasn’t changed however. It is just that Facebook are afraid of Islamic backlash.

Facebook has shut down the page of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas’s party Fatah, apparently over a picture of late leader Yasser Arafat with a weapon, the movement said on Monday.

“We received a message that our page violated Facebook’s regulations,” Munir al-Jaghub, a media officer with Fatah and one of the page’s administrators, told AFP. ?

The accounts of the 12 administrators of the page, which according to Jaghub had 70,000 followers, were also suspended for 30 days.

A photo of Arafat holding a rifle that belonged to an Israeli soldier abducted in the 1980s by Palestinians in Beirut that had featured on the page was attached to the message from Facebook.

Standing next to Arafat is Mahmud al-Alul, recently elected Fatah deputy chairman.

Israel regularly accuses Palestinians, including the Fatah-led Palestinian leadership, of inciting violence on social networks.

Israeli ministers have met with Facebook officials to stop what it calls online incitement, and have advanced a bill that would allow a court to order companies such as Facebook to remove material considered “incitement”.

Pro-Palestinian activists accuse the internet giant of censorship and bias. In September, Facebook apologised after temporarily disabling accounts linked to two Palestinian news sites critical of Israel.

It wasn’t just photos of Arafat holding a rifle, it was also images like this sick one.

Fatah are unrepentant:

Facebook closed down the official page of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas?s Fatah Party on Monday as part of an ongoing campaign the social media platform is carrying out against accounts that promote violence.

Munir Jaghoub, a spokesman of Fatah?s Mobilization and Organization commissariat, told The Jerusalem Post that he believes Facebook closed the account because of an historic photo of former PA president Yasser Arafat grasping a rifle, while standing alongside Fatah Vice Chairman Mahmoud al-Aloul.

?Facebook closed the account and then sent us a message of that photo,? Jaghoub said in a phone call, adding that Facebook had sent three warning messages with attachments of other photos over the past several months.

Jaghoub said that in his opinion, the photo of Arafat and the other material published on the Fatah account did not constitute incitement. Nonetheless, a review of the Fatah account?s history shows that it has published a number of posts and pictures that glorify violent acts against Israelis.

For example, Fatah posted a page on August 2, 2016, bragging about the alleged number of Israelis Fatah has killed. ?To those who argue, to the ignorant, and to those who do not know history?Fatah has killed 11,000 Israelis,? the post read.

This incendiary post and tens of others, however, stand in sharp contrast to the message of Fatah chairman Abbas pertaining to violence.

Abbas has consistently eschewed violence and ordered the PA security forces to arrest Palestinians who plan to carry out attacks against Israelis. In the past 20 months alone, the PA security forces have foiled more than 200 attacks against Israelis, according to PA General Intelligence Chief Majid Faraj.

Jaghoub also said that Facebook blocked the pages of the account?s 12 administrators for 30 days. Facebook deleted a second official Fatah account that had garnered 200,000 followers, 18 months ago, according to Jaghoub.

These are the people who Murray McCully calls moderate. These are the people who Murray McCully aligned New Zealand with. They are terrorists, they have no interest in peace, but we are now their advocates at the UN.

Monday?s deletion of the Fatah account comes as Facebook is undertaking a number of steps to crack down on incitement. Over the past eight months, Facebook has closed well more than a hundred accounts belonging to or supportive of Hamas, sparking outrage in the Islamist party?s ranks.

Israeli leaders have pointed their fingers at Facebook over the past year for enabling inciters on its platform. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan even accused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg of having ?blood on his hands? in July 2016.

Nonetheless, Israeli leaders have more recently said that their working relationship with Facebook is improving. ?Cooperation today is much better than it was in the past,? Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said in February.

One of our moderators, Isherman, comments:

Perhaps Murray McCully or Wayne Mapp could explain how it is they think the Israeli’s could be expected to negotiate away their security when this is the sentiment the “moderates” hold. Just wait until the P.A are no longer in charge of the West Bank, and it’s Israel versus an Iranian backed Hamas, then come tell me again how Resolution 2334 will be of any help.

Murray McCully has aligned New Zealand with despots, dictators and Islamists. My how the mighty have fallen, and it’s a damn shame they have dragged us down with them.


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