A fantastic opportunity for the Opportunities Party on Trademe


Gareth Morgan’s party TOP (The Opportunities Party) missed out on the opportunity to secure all its possible Domain names but luckily someone secured them for them. On the advertisement it says,

Imagine the fun with these domains!” and somehow I don’t think the seller is directing that comment towards Gareth Morgan. Certainly, this trademe ad is a fantastic opportunity for Gareth Morgan to buy all the domains he needs for his new party this election. It is also an opportunity for someone to have a lot of fun. Imagine the opportunity for political mischief.

If I won this auction I could set up my new domains with websites filled with wild, crazy economic policies or instead of using actual TOP policies I could create my own. ( See what I did there?)

Seriously, though if Gareth Morgan doesn’t stump up the cash these domains will be an opportunity to provide endless amounts of egg on TOP’s face. The fact that he registered his new Party without securing all the relevant domain names first shows that whoever is advising him is an amateur.

I didn’t think that the situation could get any funnier but the reader who brought the Trademe ad to my attention said that when they did a google search for?www.theopportunitiesparty.co.nz?they were redirected to Whaleoil so the seller has a very naughty sense of humour.

If you would like the opportunity to bid on The Opportunities Party domain names click here.