Finally! Signs National are at least looking into Islamic radicalisation

Picture by Tal Cohen

New Zealand has sought advice on deradicalisation from the Malaysian Government, whose anti-terror programmes have been praised as world-leading.

Chris Finlayson, the Minister Responsible for the NZ Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and the Government Communications and Security Bureau (GCSB), has been meeting with top officials in Singapore and Malaysia this week. He has been accompanied by New Zealand’s Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism Carl Worker.

Finlayson said he discussed Malaysia’s anti-terror initiatives with Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Wednesday.

In a statement, Finlayson said the country had a long history of deradicalisation programmes and he had expressed an interest in learning more about them.

He did not go into further detail, except to say the two leaders discussed a number of security issues, including countering terrorism and cybercrime.

There is little evidence of any Government-led efforts to counter extremism in New Zealand, where efforts have mostly focused on counter-terrorism and reactive policies.

To be honest,?Whaleoil readers have been searching in vain for signs that the Government even acknowledges radical Islam as a potential threat to its citizens. ?It may not be much, but at least it is good to see that they are at least aware of the problem and that it can also be a New Zealand problem.

At present, there are around 40 people on a terror watchlist in New Zealand, some of whom are under 24-hour surveillance.

Parliament is expected to pass spying reforms next month which will allow New Zealand’s foreign intelligence agency, the GCSB, to spy on New Zealanders for the first time.

But at the other end we’re not making sure that we’re not importing the problem. ?Until we can be fairly confident that people coming in are not radicals, immigration needs to assume all Muslims are radicalised unless they can satisfactorily prove otherwise.

As it stand at the moment, there is no real vetting for Islamic radicalisation, and as a result Jihadis, hate preachers and recruiters are entering this country freely.


– NZ Herald