Five reasons why you shouldn’t subscribe to Whaleoil

A subscription to Whaleoil isn’t for everyone.

You shouldn’t subscribe if……

  1. You have no need for speed and your idea of living life dangerously is bringing in the wheelie bin in your dressing gown and slippers.

2. If you are a social justice snowflake who needs a safe space and gets triggered by points of view you don’t agree with.

3. If you believe that this 52-year-old father is actually a six-year-old girl because he told you he identifies as one.

4. ?If you have ever said, “I believe in free speech BUT…”

5. If you think that white privilege is actually a thing and people with white skin should?feel guilty for being born that way.


Do not push this button and subscribe to Whaleoil under any circumstances unless you can handle being in the draw to win a $299 NZHotlaps voucher, don’t need a safe space, recognise a man in a dress when you see one, believe?in free speech with no BUTS and think that white people should not feel guilty for being born that way.