Five Reasons why you should subscribe to Whaleoil today

Subscribing to Whaleoil is a great idea but if you still need convincing here are five reasons why you should subscribe today.

1. You are?protecting Whaleoil financially. In two days time, Nicky Hager has tweeted that he is once again releasing a political hit book in the lead up to the election. It is extremely likely that once again his book?will be based on private information stolen in a politically motivated criminal hack. This time around it may be the National Party that is vilified in public or it may once again be Whaleoil. Either way by supporting Whaleoil you ensure we have the resources to keep shining the sunlight into the dark corners ignored by the MSM.


Nicky Hager likes to talk about privacy but wrote this book by invading ours.

2. You will get ad-free access to New Zealand?s most popular, 1# award-winning blog.

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3. ?Your support will enable Whaleoil to expand the services that it offers so that we can offer silver and gold subscriptions where you can access content ahead of others or exclusive content like podcasts. We only need one more subscription to reach 50% of the yearly goal we set ourselves. When we get that last subscription we will start putting together and organising the exclusive content so that we can offer the silver subscription option this year.

4. You will not need to turn off your ad-blocker because our system when you log in will recognise you as a subscriber. This is good for two reasons:

A) It is a hassle working out how to whitelist Whaleoil in order to stop the annoying pop-up.

B) Eventually, people using an ad-blocker who have not subscribed will not be able to view our content at all. You don’t have to pay but if you don’t choose to whitelist Whaleoil eventually?you will lose access to Whaleoil as we are very gradually turning the tap off.

5. Because we listened to our readers’ concerns about Paypal and added the easy to use Stripe payment platform to Whaleoil to make it easy to sign up using your credit card.