Forbes Magazine say Iran is in the Top Ten of cool places to visit

A country ruled by oppressive and barbaric Sharia law has been named by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten cool places to visit.

Iran is a travel destination so cool that you are not allowed to do this.

Or look like this.

The REALLY cool part, of course, is that it is legal to get stoned.

…Forbes forgot to mention a few more of Iran?s attractions: acid attacks on women to enforce Sharia dress codes; the devaluation of a woman?s life, such that if she dies accidentally, her family will receive only half the legal compensation than given for a man; the devaluation also of a woman?s testimony in court, as worth half that of a man (as per Qur?an 2:282); public lashings for certain offences and death by stoning for women convicted of adultery; executions at a rate of over 800 per year, mostly for drug offenses; the honor killing of women, while the regime looks the other way; and heavy fines and jail sentences for women who do not wear the hijab. Also, if you happen to be a journalist and/or a peace activist, or have done anything whatsoever to upset the regime, you may be detained at the airport and jailed in Evin Prison on trumped-up charges. There, electrocution, brutal beatings, rape and drug-induced confessions and hangings are common.

Indagare?s Biggs Bradley ? a woman to boot ? also ?credited the nuclear deal brokered by the Obama administration and others in the West for the increase in tourism in Iran.?

…According to the U.S. Department of State, Iran is not an ideal travel destination because of it being designated as the No. 1 state sponsor of terror through its ongoing funding and arming of terrorists groups around the world and its human rights abuses against its own citizens and visitors.

The State Department?s travel warning on its website states its purpose is to:

?Reiterate and highlight the risk of arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, particularly dual national Iranian-Americans. Foreigners, in particular dual nationals of Iran and Western countries including the United States, continue to be detained or prevented from leaving Iran. U.S. citizens traveling to Iran should very carefully weigh the risks of travel and consider postponing their travel. U.S. citizens residing in Iran should closely follow media reports, monitor local conditions, and evaluate the risks of remaining in the country.

…The State Department?s Countrys Report on Terrorism 2015 details Iran?s ties to the most ruthless terrorism around the world.