Fourth is third loser, you muppets

The Herald really are mentally challenged. On the front page of their site yesterday they were claiming one of their staff members was a “champ”.

When you click through you get another headline that is just as bad.

Uhmmm…he came fourth. That is third loser. He got the bronze medal at losing. At the Olympics you don’t get medals for coming fourth so he is hardly a champ, neither is it an Olympian style effort.

This is the problem we have in society when losers get hailed as winners.

Sure if he got a medal for participating like they do at schools they might be able to claim something. But the reality is he came fourth, he was third loser.

On another note…this is front page?”news”?

I did wonder why it wasn’t breaking news, though…look, fixed that for ya!


– NZ Herald