George Soros’s plans for world domination take a beating

George Soros is a nasty piece of work. While the left-wing likes to demonise Milton Friedman,?an economist, over his ideas that birthed neo-liberalism, he is nothing at all like the evil perpetrated by George Soros and organisations associated with him.

As a major funder of the Democrats and also Hillary Clinton he has also been linked to funding of protest organisations, and worldwide he has meddled in the affairs of sovereign nations like Hungary, where he was born.

The push back against his meddling is growing.

Politico reports that Breitbart is one of the leading investigators into his nefarious activities, even if they wrongly accuse them of being alt-right.

The American alt-right website Breitbart, formerly run by Stephen Bannon, now White House chief strategist, has long fixated on Soros, accusing him of trying to bring down Europe?s borders, furthering the migrant crisis and funding Trump?s opponents.

The perceived sympathy within the Trump administration for anti-Soros sentiments appears to have emboldened politicians throughout Central and Eastern Europe to intensify their assault on Soros-backed groups.

?We prepared material detailing Soros activities in Macedonia, which is already being distributed to representatives of the Senate and the Congress, and to officials from the new U.S. administration close to the U.S. president,? said Nenad Mircevski, a founder of the Macedonian ?Stop Operation Soros? movement.

These efforts have already borne fruit: two letters, one signed by Republican Senator Mike Lee and the other by six House Republicans, were sent to the U.S. Mission in Macedonia in mid-January inquiring about U.S. funding for Open Society Foundation?projects in Macedonia.

Actions against Soros aren’t just limited to the US either:

Russia has long opposed Soros. In?state-controlled media ? both domestic Russian-language outlets and foreign language media like Russia Today and Sputnik ? alleged nefarious Soros plots are a frequent theme. And in 2015, the Russian general prosecutor?s?office declared the Open Society Foundations to be ?undesirable? and a threat to the Russia state, banning the organization from the country.

In Romania, the Social Democratic leader Liviu Dragnea told broadcaster Antena 3 in late January ?I do take issue with Mr. Soros. This man and the foundations and structures he has been setting up for years now in Romania, since the ?90s, I think, have furthered evil in Romania, he has financed actions, none of which has done the country any good.?

Meanwhile, similar sentiments are emerging in the Balkans.

Soros ?is present in all of southeast Europe, where he is trying to establish puppet governments that will implement his aggressive political ideology,? said Mircevski.

Public rhetoric warning of the dangers of Soros? foundations has also become more frequent among politicians in Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Some observers are worried that the attacks on Soros and foreign-funded NGOs are a further sign of deterioration of democratic standards in Central and Eastern Europe.

Soros ?is the perfect enemy. He has come to represent faceless globalization and foreign interference and fits perfectly well the type of dog-whistle politics for populists,? said Zselyke Csaky, senior researcher at Freedom House.

In Hungary, ?NGOs are the new migrants now that the refugee crisis is less visible domestically. With the elections nearing, the government has to find new targets, new ?others? to blame and to keep its popularity high,? said Csaky.

George Soros doesn’t actually believe in democracy, he believes in controlling democracy.

Breitbart adds:

Breitbart News has featured a large number of stories documenting Soros?s financing of groups pushing open borders in Europe and worldwide, with specific focus on using the migrant crisis to achieve policy aims.

In the U.S., Soros has been tied to advocacy for illegal aliens, opposition to immigration enforcement and most recently to activist groups attempting to halt President Trump?s domestic agenda.

Reviews by this reporter of the more than 2,500 documents hacked from the servers of Soros?s Open Society Foundations highlight the undue influence the billionaire financier exerts domestically, from attempting to remake the American electorate to successfully lobbying for changes in U.S. immigration policy to funding initiatives targeting local police forces.

While many of the documents spotlight Soros?s global network, focus on?the hacked materials from?his Foundations? U.S. contingent begins to expose the many tentacles of the Democratic party mega-donor?s?operation and its deep impact on?the policy objectives of the former administration of Barack Obama, often using a slew of U.S.-based progressive groups and activist organizations.

Politics has shifted under Soros. His time is coming to an end.


– Politico, Breitbart