Give her the knife, tell her to do the honourable thing and then print a book about it!

Labour are such a bunch of miserable pricks.

After decades of service they are emailing people to get them to sign a book so they can give it to Annette King.

How miserable is that?

Even I bought her flowers once. She called those miserable.

“Miserable” Whaleoil flowers

Labour MP Annette King has received flowers from an unlikely admirer and says while she always likes getting flowers ?it is the most miserable bunch of flowers I?ve ever received.?

Ms King was sent flowers by Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater today with a card thanking her for promoting Mr Slater and his blog in Parliament.

Ms King had attacked the blog in Parliament yesterday.

?I?ve always enjoyed receiving flowers, and it was nice to be thanked by Cameron for promoting his blog. But I think his blog must be in financial trouble because it?s the most miserable bunch of flowers I?ve ever received. The flowers will not require me to put them on my Pecuniary Interests register.?

She said there were five gerberas and one lily, with six chocolates attached.

She would not throw them into the gutter because it was not the flowers? fault they had come from Mr Slater, so she would put them somewhere where others could enjoy them.

Ms King said it did show that Mr Slater at least had a sense of humour.

I wonder what she will call a book signed by sycophants?

I suppose when you can’t even find the good grace to accept a gift like flowers then you deserve all the misery you impart to other people.


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