Give that woman a DB!

Two teenagers have been taken to Kaikohe police station by their mother after a group of youths went on a rampage through the Northland town at the weekend.

The two, aged 14 and 15, were taken in on Tuesday, bringing to five the number of people police have identified in relation to the incident.

Inspector Al Symonds say the pair have been referred to Youth Aid for shoplifting and wilful damage.

On Monday, police spoke to another young male, whose name was passed on to them by a relative.

Two other males were dealt with by police on Friday night and referred to Youth Aid.

Insp Symonds says inquiries are continuing into what happened.

“We’re really thankful to the whanau members for their help,” he said.

And that’s exactly how it should happen. ?Kids that go off the rails in a good family will cop it. ?Of course, the problem are the kids where the parents don’t care enough to dob them.

Kaikohe is a bit of a shit hole to be honest. ? It’s the same place where those tourists were ripped off by “youths”.

The fact that it’s just down the road from Hone Harewira has absolutely no relevance. ?*cough*

The real problem is that ‘children’ are being dealt with too weakly. ?After decades of liberal weakening of society, they know they’ll be fine.

Time for a change.


– NZN via Yahoo! News