Go and sell that to the oldies and see how you get on, Gareth

I’m fast coming to the conclusion that Gareth Morgan is a dead set eff-wit.

The interesting thing is he seems hell bent on proving it to all?New Zealand.

Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan says he doesn’t support raising the age of superannuation, but he does want means-testing to restrict higher-income earners who don’t need it.

He also told The Nation under his policy everyone would get a Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $10,000 a year, paid for by slashing current super entitlements. ?

“I’ve got to get the money for it from somewhere,” he says. “And at the moment, the only universal benefit that I can see out there is super… so the first thing to do with super is to means-test it.”

He says superannuation could then work as a top-up to the UBI, depending on one’s total income.

“We’ve got people with young families who are at the bottom end of this inequality gap and this poverty thing and this unaffordability of housing. I mean, what are we doing? This is just insane.”

Gareth Morgan is a know it all. Just because he is a socialist and an economist doesn’t mean he does know it all. In fact, quite the opposite. There is a good chance he is full of poos.

He suggests means testing for superannuation. He needs to go have a chat with some retirement specialists who will tell you that it has never worked anywhere in the?world, does nothing except create a massive bureaucracy that then encourages anti-social behaviour from people dead keen on extracting what they see as their rightful entitlement.

Winston Peters and Bill English will be loving this political retard pitching his message around the electorate.