Are they going to enforce bag checks too?

The wowsers want to wreck Pasifika Festival by banning and enforcing a soft drink ban:

The country’s biggest celebration of Pacific culture will be held at Western Springs this weekend.

Fighting Sugar in Soft Drinks (FIZZ) founder Gerhard Sundborn, who called for the ban, said 25 percent of a child’s sugar intake was from sugary drinks. ?

“[Pacific people] have the highest burden of disease from unhealthy weight and Type 2 diabetes and we have a lot of dental problems – rotting teeth – in our youth.”

The head of major events at the council’s economic development agency, Charmaine Ngarimu, said Pasifika organiser Orange Productions was working towards a sugar-free event by encouraging food stallholders to choose low or no sugar drink options.

FIZZ is, of course, one organisation that has defamed me in a document sitting on their website. Two of their members are trying to silence criticism by suing me as well because I called them troughers.

Now, these troughers and wowsers want to wreck a festival.