Guess who is the Conservative Party’s new BFF?

Leighton Baker, via The Press

Did you guess Winston Peters? ? No, neither did I.

‘Winston supports Conservatives’

The Conservative Party wishes to congratulate Winston Peters for finally agreeing to honour the wishes of New Zealanders. Whilst the majority of New Zealand First MPs voted for the anti-smacking legislation, totally ignoring Parents? concerns, it?s encouraging to see that they appear to be finally willing to recognise democracy.

What remains to be seen is how committed Mr Peters is to democracy and whether his vocal commitment to overturning this law will eventuate after September 2017.

The Conservative Party was formed in disgust that elected representatives totally ignored ordinary Kiwis and refused to change a law that nearly 90% of Kiwis demanded to be changed.

Six years later, the Conservative Party is just as committed to binding referenda as it ever was, and is working to bring true democracy back to New Zealand?s Parliament.

Our founders started it, our soldiers fought for it, and now you get to vote for it. Democracy.

Oh my goodness. ?I can’t breathe from laughing so much. ?Winston doesn’t care about this issue at all. ?He simply takes it on knowing that he needs a few “bottom line” policies he can trade away at negotiation time.

These Conservative party people are so naive, it’s almost endearing.