Why is Hager’s work beyond critical media review?

The media have pumped Hager up, calling him an acclaimed journalist or New Zealand’s?premier investigative journalist. ?The media present him and his work as being better than what they themselves are able to achieve. ? Whatever Hager writes is treated like gospel, and everyone else by definition, must be spinning, lying or is part of the Great Conspiracy where government is always in the wrong and always covering it up.

Defence Force Chief Lieutenant General Tim Keating also admits it’s possible civilians were killed by shots fired by coalition air forces during Operation Burnham on August 22, 2010.

The operation is at the centre of claims by war correspondent Jon Stephenson and investigative reporter Nicky Hager that SAS troops were involved in the killing of civilians in a revenge attack for Lt O’Donnell’s death in a roadside bomb.

They allege six civilians were killed in raids on Naik and Khak Khuday Dad, but Lt Gen Keating says NZ forces never went to that village.

They do more than allege it. ?They’ve committed it to paper in book form, and they are claiming that these are unassailable facts backed by multiple witnesses who all didn’t know exactly where the incident had happened, how many people died or who caused their demise. ? But it’s all an NZSAS revenge raid on civilians. ?Nicky says so!

“During Operation Burnham the SAS fired two rounds, two bullets. They were targeted at an insurgent who was approaching one of the ground force positions. The insurgent was shot and killed,” he said.

Camera footage exists of the operation which Lt Gen Keating has seen and claimed provided “irrefutable evidence” of those who were being engaged and the location of the operation.

It remains classified.

So how do we go from NZSAS killing six civilians purely out of “revenge” to two bullets and one dead ?insurgent? ?Clearly, someone’s been feeding Hager a load of fiction.

Mr Hager said he is “absolutely certain that we have got the story correct” and maintains the need for an inquiry.

“They should be welcoming this if they’ve got nothing to hide but I believe they’re desperately trying to hide it because they know the book is true,” he said.

Mr Hager called for an inquiry into Dirty Politics as well.

He got?three.

All three came back with a “nothing to see here”.

So the question I have for the media is: ?Why do you follow this man’s work as it it was handed down from the Temple Mount and carried down by Moses himself when in reality he’s had absolutely?zero hits with Dirty Politics?

It may be salacious, but where are the facts?

Oh, hang on, Nicky?says it’s all true.

So the media prefer hearsay over facts.

Hager is allowed to flourish in this environment. ?The media simply ignore all his failures and present the hype and hypotheses as fact. ? Anything to get another hit on someone, and absolutely no sign of any pride in their own work. ?Any restraint that is meant to exist in editorial teams not to push fiction as fact is long absent.

They’ve gone all in with Hager. ?To turn on him now would be too embarrassing.


– NZN via Yahoo! News