This is what happens when you put cats into the public service

I’m not surprised that the mouser at Number 10 isn’t working out.

It’s well known among feline fanatics that Larry the cat is not the best mouser out there.

Number 10 insiders have said in the past that he has been happy to snooze as mice scurry past his nose. ?

It has now been confirmed that Larry lacks the bloodthirsty instincts of his more savage colleagues.

While Foreign Office moggy Palmerston has caught dozens of mice, and it’s been confirmed the Treasury’s Gladstone excels at his job, Larry has been seen playing with a mouse before letting it scamper off.

Political photographer Steve Back was at the scene, and he said: “Larry the chief mouser of No10 came face to face with a tiny little mouse which after some play time got away safely”.

Larry the cat was hired because of the rampant mouse problem in Whitehall, but seems to not be actively tackling it – although the very presence of a cat can be enough to deter mice.

Despite the fact it is well-known Larry is a bad mouser, many in London politics feel it is unfair steps have not been taken to give them a furry solution to their rodent problems.

Members of Parliament including Stella Creasy and staffers working in the Houses of Parliament have repeatedly asked for a cat.

This is what happens when you put cats into the public service. They become even more lazy and useless than normal cats are.

Worse still there is a high chance it has become unionised as well.