Hate crimes up in Toronto, you’ll never guess who are the biggest victims

Hate crimes are up in Toronto. We are often told, by people like Susan Devoy, that increasingly it is Muslims who are the victims of hate crimes.

We have even seen the Media party?pile into several recent incidents and claiming that Muslims are the victims of increasing hate crime.

But, as figures show from Toronto, it is one?religious group that is routinely abused…and it isn’t Muslims.

Reported hate crimes are on the rise according to a detailed report released by Toronto police.

The report shows hate crimes increased by eight per cent last year, from 134 incidents to 145 in 2016. ?

Crimes motivated by religion accounted for 46 per cent of the incidents reported?? the highest in the last 10 years?? followed by race at 18 per cent and sexual orientation at 12 per cent.

The city?s Jewish community was targeted the most, accounting for 30 per cent of reported attacks, followed by the LGBTQ, black and Muslim communities.

Jews first, then poofs, then blacks and finally Muslims way down the list.

And?hate crimes against Muslims were half that of those against Jews.

Who is committing those hate crimes against Jews?

Here’s a clue:

One instance of graffiti on a Toronto synagogue which states, ?Islam will rule? accented with a swastika

Hate crimes are appalling, but the next time you see a snowflake Muslim wailing about how hard done by they are because they can’t have segregated swimming lanes, spare a thought for the real victims of hate crimes.


-Truth Revolt, 680News