The BDS movement just got bitch slapped

It is not socially acceptable to be an anti-Semite but it is socially acceptable to leftists to be anti-Israel. The activists from the extreme and controversial BDS Movement have been pushing for years to force Israel to label Jewish products the same way that Hitler labelled Jews so that people can boycott them and hurt Israeli businesses as well as the Palestinian employees who make up a good chunk of their workforce.

SodaStream, for example, was put under so much pressure by the Boycott, Divest and Sanction extremist movement that they were forced to close their factory which resulted in all their Palestinian employees losing their well-paid jobs.

Israeli businesses have decided to take the fight to the enemy by doubling down and have not only emblazoned their products with the star of David to make it really clear that the product is from Israel they have also added one simple hard hitting sentence.