Hooton thinks Nikki Kaye was being mean to Labour’s snowflake Jacinda

Matthew Hooton thinks that Nikki Kaye was being a bit mean to Jacinda Ardern:

NBR political commentator Matthew Hooton says the attack by National MP Nikki Kaye on Labour?s newly-elected deputy leader Jacinda Ardern was a mistake.

The gloves came off during Parliament?s general debate in the House yesterday with National MP Nikki Kaye fronting the attack on her former opponent in the Auckland central seat. ?

After appointing Ms Ardern as deputy, Labour leader Andrew Little said she would be “the voice of a generation” National had neglected.

But Ms Kaye claimed she was only interested in putting her face on billboards, had achieved nothing as an MP, and had failed Generation X and Y by not supporting a rise in the age of eligibility for national superannuation from 65 to 67.

Mr Hooton says, on balance, this style of politics which Ms Kaye hasn?t typically used before is never a good look in speeches at Parliament. It has just given Ms Ardern more publicity ?which, of course, is the single thing she is all about?, he says.

But he says the National MP?s comments reflected a frustration among?many successful young women who have looked up to other women role models such as former National MP Marilyn Waring who had the courage to stand up against Sir Robert Muldoon or former Labour leader Helen Clark who as a young woman in her 30s stood up against Sir Roger Douglas.

?These are the sorts of people of young women politicians who deserve admiration, not empty people like Jacinda Ardern,? Mr Hooton opined.

Ms Ardern?s response to Ms Kaye?s attack was that they had contested Auckland Central for many years and stuck to the issues rather than making it personal and she would continue doing that.

What Jacinda Ardern fails to realise is that the attack wasn’t personal…it was about her record, such as it is.

Jacinda for her part is acting all snowflake like. If she is such a delicate snowflake and needs to be protected from any sort of criticism then she shouldn?t really be in politics let alone the deputy leader of a political party that thinks it will be running the country in six months time. Annette King was never a sooky-pants like that.