Hope and Change won’t work for Labour

At 26% in the latest polls they are going to need more than hope and a pretty face to get them over the line.

Labour is pinning its hopes on Andrew Little and Jacinda Ardern being the new dream team to take National on over?generational issues?including health and child poverty.

Speaking after Labour deputy leader Annette King announced her decision to step down, Little said he and?Ardern represented the fresh face of the next Labour-led Government.

While the deputy leadership still had to go to a caucus vote it seemed like a foregone conclusion after Little nominated Ardern for the position.

“I’m backing Jacinda….?Jacinda in her nearly nine years in Parliament, has done some tremendous work on a number of fronts. ?She’s a fantastic networker, she connects with the part of the electorate we’re working very hard to connect with.

I wonder if he will back her when the next polls show she is more popular than him?

“It’s Jacinda’s generation who are suffering the worst by the neglect of this National Government, on housing, on health and on a range of other issues.”

She’s 36, and owns a house in Mt Albert, just a couple of years after claiming she would never be able to own a house…so I’m not sure how that claim stacks up. We also have near full employment, the lowest interest rates in 50 years and an expanding economy…again I’m not sure how her generation is suffering from neglect.

Ardern has previously declined to put her hand up for the deputy leadership but said on Wednesday she believed she was up to it.

“I’ve always said it’s not a job I would ask for but if I was asked and the party and my team thought I was well placed [for] the job I’d [do it].”

“I believe I have what it takes”.

She was excited by the opportunity of teaming up with Little.

Little was a strong, decisive leader who had unified the caucus, Ardern said.

“He is unflappable, has ?a strong sense of social justice (and is) incredibly good humoured.”

No Jacinda dear, he’s angry, that’s how he got his nickname.

Watching this train wreck unfold is going to be hilarious. Who would ever have thought the Labour party with their equality boosting man ban would ever have succumbed to the allure of a pretty face to boost their election chances.

What happens when Labour fails to gain traction in the polls? Is it Andrew’s fault or Jacinda’s?


– Fairfax