The House Today #nzqt

Credit: Woolf Photography via

Credit: Woolf Photography via

Parliament is sitting today.

You can follow proceedings starting at 2 pm on TV ( Freeview 31, Igloo 50, Sky 86, Vodafone 86 ), streaming audio via Radio New Zealand and streaming Parliament TV via the internet. After the sitting day, on-demand replays can be found at In The House.

Questions to Ministers

  1. CHRIS BISHOP to the Minister of Finance: What impact is trade diversification having on the resilience of the economy?
  2. METIRIA TUREI to the Prime Minister: Tu ai a ia i runga i te mana o ng? whakataunga katoa o t?na K?wantanga?

    Translation: Does he stand by all of his Government?s decisions?

  3. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Will he commission an independent inquiry into the allegations made in the book ?Hit and Run??
  4. KANWALJIT SINGH BAKSHI to the Minister of Police: What update can she give about the number of people who want to join the Police?
  5. JAMES SHAW to the Minister for the Environment: Does he agree with the OECD that there are ?significant management issues in relation to the availability, demand, and distribution of freshwater resources? in parts of New Zealand?
  6. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister for Building and Construction: Does he accept the finding of the periodical The Economist, that New Zealand has the most unaffordable housing in the developed world?
  7. TODD MULLER to the Minister of Trade: What recent announcements has he made on New Zealand?s trade interests?
  8. CHRIS HIPKINS to the Associate Minister of Education: What is the total number of schools that have been identified as requiring significant property assistance that could not be met from their direct 5-year agreement funding allocation, and how many of those schools have received assistance, to date?
  9. IAN McKELVIE to the Minister for Primary Industries: What recent announcements has he made on how the Government is supporting growth in the primary sector?
  10. DARROCH BALL to the Minister for Social Development: Does she stand by all her statements?
  11. MATT DOOCEY to the Associate Minister of Education: What recent reports has she received regarding school property?
  12. Dr DAVID CLARK to the Minister of Health: Is he confident that new mothers are being supported in public hospitals?

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