I’m sure they meant to say, Fee paying Women’s learn to swim programme


It is ridiculous enough to become a meme. The Auckland council’s spokesperson denied the existence of Muslim Women’s Swimming lessons, refused to answer my questions about them and said that they provided Women only lessons that all women were welcome to sign up for.

The women only swim times are not limited to women of the Muslim faith.

That is what he said but this is the WaterSafe swimming programme registration form:

He also said that many different types of women attend the Muslim Women’s swimming programme Women only swimming programme.

Women of the Muslim faith attend as do women of other faiths and I suspect women of no faith. We also get older women, women who believe they are overweight, women who have been injured or who have lost a limb ?? women who for one reason or another personal to themselves would rather swim with other women only.

When you advertise a FREE ?programme for a certain audience it is normal to use a photo that represents the audience you are targeting so they will identify with the service you are offering and will want to attend. The photo used by WaterSafe does not suggest that older women, overweight women or injured women are being targeted by this programme.


WaterSafe and the council spokesperson have not responded to my follow-up e-mails but changes have been made to the WaterSafe timetable which previously did not support the assertion that a Muslim Women’s Swimming programme does not exist.

Here is the timetable BEFORE and AFTER I contacted the Council and WaterSafe.

If they want to change the evidence to support their stance that their FREE swimming programme is for ALL women that is their choice but the fact that it was done covertly does not fill me with confidence that the change is anything more than window dressing. Even in the NZ Herald article, the programme was referred to as being for Muslim Women. To avoid being accused of discrimination and religious segregation they were careful to add that ” despite the name“all women are welcome to take part. This is why I think the whole charade is worthy of a meme.

Meme by Whaleoil

For those of you who are vegetarians, ?I hope you are not put off by the name of our programme because “despite the name” this programme is for you too.

For a whole range of reasons, some men prefer not to eat bacon in front of females. These reasons are personal to the men concerned but may include levels of confidence, perceptions about their appearance or the nature of their faith. The men only sessions have proved popular especially with men who are new to Auckland and to New Zealand.

Man choking on a piece of bacon

Without this program, many of the men who attend the sessions would not otherwise acquire bacon eating skills. Our experience is that where men, especially fathers, learn to eat bacon then, their children also learn to eat bacon. New Zealand suffers from high levels of death by choking on bacon. By encouraging bacon eating safety among families who may otherwise not learn to eat bacon our program saves lives.

The men only bacon eating times are not limited to men who eat bacon. Vegetarian men attend and so do men who are Vegans and I suspect men who are on a diet. We also get older men, men who believe they are underweight, men who for one reason or another personal to themselves want to eat bacon with other men only.

Newcomer to New Zealand discovering the joy of bacon at our FREE Men’s ONLY bacon eating programme.

Aucklanders are a diverse people. Some are modest and we believe as Aucklanders they should have an opportunity to enjoy eating bacon in private. While their use of our facility is exclusive from a practical day to day perspective we try to ensure the impact on other potential users is minimal.