Please do not punish us for the poor performance of this Gumroad crowd. ?We’re extricating ourselves from their clutches as we speak. ? We expected them to just say they’d reverse their mistake, but it turns out they don’t care enough and are forcing each every one of their customers to do it themselves. ?

This is costing us in time AND in dollars. ?PLEASE, we know it is a mortal sin to have this happen. ?Hang in there and we will 1) refund anything that is overcharged ?2) change providers away from Gumroad.

Occasionally you need to rely on other people and companies to provide a service on your behalf, and when they let you down, nobody wins.

If you wish to continue to support Cam and INCITE, please do not cancel your sub right now. It will only make things more confusing and complicated to sort out.

Thank you so much.

Gumroad’s CEO has just issued this message:

Sahil Lavingia replied:

I may be repeating myself, but this is dreadfully important and I feel terrible:

A mistake was made restarting subscriptions due to the Amazon S3 outage last week. When we were trying to restart folks? subscriptions, non-monthly subscribers were charged again for their subscription regardless of their last charge date.

This means that someone who had just paid four months ago was charged again today. We?re very sorry for this.

We are now refunding all duplicate charges that were made today. This is happening as we speak.

To confirm: Gumroad will absorb any and all costs associated with this mess, including?

– Credits for any lost customers that are not coming back.
– Resubscribing any that wish to come back but don?t want to go through the hassle (just forward us their email and we?ll do it from our side).
– Apologizing directly to all of your customers if you wish us to, and accepting full blame (just let us know and I will send them all personal emails).

We?re so sorry again. We totally understand if you decide to leave Gumroad because of this incident. It is unacceptable and there?s nothing we can do to make up for this.

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Sahil (@shl) ? founder of Gumroad.