Just as everyone attacks Bill English, one business owner tells her tale of druggies

The left-wing attacked Bill English for saying that many unemployed remain unemployed because they are drug-fucked wrecks.

Now one business owner tells her tale that supports what the PM is saying.

A restaurant owner says she has lost count of the number of New Zealanders who have failed drugs tests when applying for a job – while overseas workers have passed every time.

Barbara Olsen-Henderson, owner?of?the Bach On Breakwater cafe, has spent up to $200 per test to weed out drug users at?her Port Taranaki business. ?

“I’ve spent somewhere in the low thousands,” she said. “I think it’s an investment. I only want people working their best, whatever their best level is.”

Olsen-Henderson voiced her concerns about the normalisation of drug culture in the country, backing Prime Minister Bill English’s recent comments about the hospitality industry’s struggle to attract and retain drug-free Kiwis.

Last week English caused a storm when he said several businesses a week complained to him about their problems getting Kiwi workers to pass a drugs test, which explained why they were bringing in staff from overseas.

“One of the hurdles these days is just passing a drug test,” the prime minister had said in the wake of record immigration.

“Under workplace safety you can’t have people on your premises under the influence of drugs and a lot of our younger people can’t pass that test.”

Olsen-Henderson said?she agreed with his comments.

She said the past few weeks had?been met with continuous disappointment as she attempted?to fill two vacant positions?in her restaurant.

Under current rules, beneficiaries are required to pass drug tests if asked when applying for work.

Of the first three applicants – all beneficiaries – the first woman said she wouldn’t pass the drug test,” Olsen-Henderson?said.

“I held the job for two weeks for her to get her act together and have a clear test, but she abandoned the position the day before the test.”

Olsen-Henderson said the second applicant was confident of passing the test, but did not.

“I held the position for her and she is now ‘clean’ and happily employed.

And the third applicant said they would pass?but did not turn up for the drug test.

“[She]?finally emailed to thank me for the opportunity but to say that she only smoked ‘socially’ but probably wouldn’t pass the test.”

A fourth applicant was a French woman on a holiday work visa who passed the test with no issues and is currently employed,?Olsen-Henderson said.

So, Bill English was right. I bet this employer isn’t the only one experiencing issues.

With unemployment at its record low the only people left unemployed are the young who can’t catch a break and the indigent or wrecked.

Bill English is right….and people who know me know it hurts to say that.


– Fairfax