Labor’s refugee policy may lead to Police strike in Sydney

The arrival of 5700 refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq has police resources stretched to the limit ? as they beg for more officers. Picture: Carmela Roche

The Police union in Fairfield, are deciding whether or not to go on strike because of the significant increase in crime in their part of Sydney. They are considering industrial action in the hope that it will force the government to hire more officers. One of the main reasons that they are struggling to cope is because of the significant increase in the number of refugees being placed in their area. They have been given 5700 refugees in Fairfield, double the amount being placed elsewhere. Unions support the Labor party yet, in this case, it is the Labor Party that is responsible for the problem that the Police now face.

POLICE in Sydney?s most deadly suburbs are threatening to go slow on crime because there is too much of it.

Officers at Fairfield will this week decide whether to use a limited form of strike action unless they get at least 10 new officers and another multicultural liaison officer.

Fairfield is the most disadvantaged area in Sydney and has a murder rate almost ?double the state average. It had 17 shootings in the past year, including three murders.

Police sources said the ?arrival of more than 5700 refugees last year from war-torn Syria and Iraq has been the last straw for the station?s 160 ?officers, who were already stretched to the limit.

?Refugees are putting pressure on the police who are trying to keep their heads above water,? a police source, who did not want to be named, said.

Of course, he/she didn’t want to be named because just like the British police who ignored Muslim child sex gangs that raped young British girls for twenty years they are afraid of being accused of being Islamophobic and racist if they point out which section of society is doing most of the crime.

?Police are talking about starting industrial action.?

NSW Police Association president Scott Weber said 10 positions at Fairfield need to be filled ?as a matter of urgency?.

…?The area has had a spate of gangland shootings as well as the new refugees,? he said.

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone drew attention to the vast differences in refugee intake across Sydney, with his council area taking almost twice as much as the next municipality.

?To resettle 5000 refugees in one location is equivalent to creating a new suburb,? he said…


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