Labour betrays Defence…again

Visit to Taji Military Camp by Minister of Defence Hon Gerry Brownlee, Leader of the Opposition, Mr Andrew Little and Chief of Defence Force, LTGEN Tim Keating.

The Labour party has form on running down Defence.

It was Helen Clark who declared we lived in “a benign strategic environment” and that was the reason for ditching the air combat wing and refusing a sweetheart deal on F-16 aircraft,?while spending up large on untried LAVIII vehicles where we bought double what we actually needed.

They simply can’t be trusted to look after our troops, and they’ve shown that to the voters again:

Labour leader Andrew Little has refused to commit to following through on the 15-year modernisation plan if he became prime minister, saying spending on housing and education would always take priority.

Last year the government unveiled the multi-billion dollar plan to equip the Defence Force with new aircraft, combat vessels and weaponry, as well as a major upgrade to its land and property. ?

It would cost $20bn over the next 15 years, and the procurement process for the some of the new equipment is already under way.

Mr Little said the government had not specified where all the money would be spent.

“That’s an area we’d have to look at and see what the commitment is about that $20bn.

“But I have to tell you when it comes down to a choice between doing stuff that’s going to give people a chance to either get a roof over their head, get the kids set up for opportunities for the future, then that’s got to come first,” Mr Little said.

Andrew Little is happy for photo ops in hot zones with the troops, like many politicians, but when it comes to funding our troops he gets all squeamish.

If it wasn’t for our military then aiding Kaikoura immediately after the earthquake might have been somewhat problematic.

I detest politicians who shirk Defence responsibilities. I now have yet another reason to detest Andrew Little.

Next time the Little weasel goes to Iraq the Army should apologise to him for the lack of a ballistic vest…sorry Andy, no funds, you’re a politician and therefore expendable.


– Radio NZ