Labour still soft on crime – pulls MP back into line over paedophile remark

Stuart Nash had a blinder of a Facebook message yesterday, before being ordered to take it down.

A Labour MP admits he went too far when he suggested a convicted killer and paedophile should be scalped in prison.

Stuart Nash, who is Labour’s police spokesman, responded angrily on Facebook after convicted murderer Phillip John Smith won a legal challenge against the Corrections Department yesterday over the confiscation of his toupee.

In a decision released yesterday, the High Court ruled that Smith’s right to freedom of expression was breached when his hairpiece was taken from him.

Writing on Facebook last night, Nash said: “What on earth is going on when a judge rules that a convicted murderer and paedophile’s freedom of expression was ignored and that his rights had been breached because Corrections took his hairpiece?

“He has no rights!! He sexually abused a young boy and then 4 years later stabbed this boy’s father to death as the man tried to protect his son!” ?

Nash went on to suggest that a fellow inmate should scalp Smith.

“Scalping is associated with American Indians but it was actually started by Europeans.

“Perhaps someone in jail who isn’t too fond of monsters who destroy little boys[sic] lives by stealing their innocence in the worst way possible could reintroduce Mr Smith to the practise[sic].”

Onya Nashy. Nice to see that there are still red-blooded blokes in Labour who stand for victims and not criminals.

Nash, who is the MP for Napier, later deleted the post.

Oh? Why?

He said his wife Sarah told him to remove it: “She said it probably wasn’t the kind of statement an MP should be making.”

Nash said he made the comments because he “loathed paedophiles”, and because Smith was “at the bottom of the heap”.

But he conceded that he “went a bit far” and that encouraging an inmate to harm Smith was “probably not prudent”.

I don’t think he went that far. Smith is a scumbag paedophile, who murdered his victim’s father when he was trying to protect his son. There isn’t much lower in my book.

But as for Nashy claiming his missus told him to take it down, sure,?we all believe it was his missus who told him to take it down, don’t we?

Another Labour MP who asked not the be identified said Nashy?did the right thing, but thought if Smith was going to have to have a wig that it should be a blonde one to make him more appealing to the large chap in the next cell…called Nancy.

I’ll lay a dollar to a knob of goat poo that a couple of sopping wet crim-hugging Labour MPs got up Nashy rather than his missus.

Labour needs more MPs like Nashy, not blouses.


– HB Today