Labour trying to hide the fact they are the Nasty party

Labour are trying to hide the fact they are the Nasty party.

A directive has been issued telling candidates and MPs to cleanse their social media accounts. I wonder what Andrew Little is going to do about his employers are parasites social media stuff up?

Labour Party candidates have been urged to clean up their social media profiles by removing potentially embarrassing pictures or comments about the party.

The directive by Labour’s general secretary Andrew Kirton was accidentally sent by text message to a Newstalk ZB reporter. ?

It asks Labour candidates to check for any old social media posts which could “embarrass you or the Party” – even if they were taken before the person joined Labour.

Warning that Labour’s opponents were searching through candidates’ pages, Kirton said: “Your social media accounts should present you as a professional and in touch person.

Oh, how pathetic. If you have to pretend you are an “in touch person” then you aren’t.

“Images of you drinking, making inappropriate gestures etc etc should be deleted.”

It also says any criticisms of Labour policy, current or former leaders “will come back to haunt you and us”.

That sounds ominous…a threat almost.

Kirton told the Herald the advice was normal practice and was “part of running a disciplined campaign that focuses on issues New Zealanders care about”.

Like people with chinky sounding names?


Make no mistake, this directive is as a result of us pushing the Nasty party?meme and using tweets and social media utterances as proof.

Labour really are desperate that they think deleting something will make it go away. I have whole folders in my cloud of their nastiness.


– NZ Herald