Labour’s housing plans are actually pipe dreams

Labour is still pushing the housing issue hard, despite the fact their campaign strategist is trying to spike an affordable housing development in his own electorate.

But have a look at these contortions in explaining their housing plans pipe-dreams:

Cities like Invercargill are now caught up in the “major mayhem up and down the country” from the housing crisis, Labour leader Andrew Little told a public meeting in Invercargill on Wednesday.

Investors cashing up from the housing bubble further north, were?looking to properties in regional cities like Invercargill, pushing up both house prices and rents for working people on reasonably low incomes here, he told a crowded Big Willys bar at the Newfield Tavern.

Though he offered no figures, Little said he was “astounded to see how quickly rents are rising in New Zealand, including Invercargill.”

So he has no evidence, no figures…just flings out accusations. It’s like he has a stump speech with [insert name of town here] written in it and uses it in every little town with a phone box where he holds his meetings.

New Zealand now had 40,000 people who were homeless ??mostly living in overcrowded houses with friends and families until they outstayed their welcome and had to move on; a trend that was also leading to serious problems with disrupted education.

To scepticism of Labour’s ability to build 100,000 affordable homes in 10 years, he said with modern technology, focusing on medium and some high-density houses, and having a three-year process to ramp up the building workforce, the additional work was achievable.

“We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again,” he said, citing 1938, when the Labour Government of the day built 10,000 houses in that year alone.

Riiiight, so Labour is promising to build 100,000 homes, but has no plan to do it other than a hope and a prayer that because we once built 10,000 homes in 1938 we can do it again.

Does he realise he’s just said that a) there will be nothing in 3 years anyway and b) then a further 10 years before his 100,000 homes are built?

I’ll bet if you proposed to build 10,000 homes like those that were built in 1938 there’d be an outcry. They wouldn’t have been insulated, and almost certainly built with the best native timbers we could chop down.

Labour has no plan, and just a collection of pipe-dreams to sell this election…plus a leader who can’t take a decent photo no matter how hard you try.


– Fairfax