Labour’s Little Lies

Andrew Little’s health campaign is based on a lie.

It is one where they claim that health spending has been cut in the last seven years.

Repeating one of his party’s election-year refrains, that health spending had in real terms endured a $1.7 billion cut during the past seven years?, he said last year 60,000 people across the country?had been told by their GPs to they needed a specialist appointment had been only to be “turned away” from their local hospitals.

In the Southern District Health Board 5500 people had received that message, he said.

Except that is just a bare faced lie.

This chart, which Treasury produced for the budget last year, which saw a huge $2.2 billion in health spending shows the lie of Labour over health spending.

If Labour are going to try to scare people with lies then they are going to get walloped hard by the likes of me, and possibly the Electoral Commission and Advertising Standards Authority.

It is pure weasel words and obfuscation what they are doing.

What Labour won’t say is what they’d do differently and that is even more important now they’ve committed to not break the fiscal envelope established by the existing government.

They’ve opposed every single change in spending over the past nine years, and in health and other areas promised billions more. It is time for them now to start explaining to voters how they intend to solve these issues they highlight and they need to do it without lying to the electorate.