LAST day to subscribe if you want to be in the draw to win a $299 NZ Hotlaps voucher

Today is your LAST chance to subscribe to Whaleoil if you want to be included in the draw for a $299 NZ Hotlaps voucher. Please help us to hit the half-way mark of the annual subscription goal we set ourselves?THREE months ahead of schedule.

Half a set of armour

We only need 19 more subs to achieve 50% of our yearly goal.

Some of you started the process but are stuck in no?man’s land. If your subscription wasn’t completed and is sitting in pending these are the steps to follow:

You know how there is both a?login?AND a?subscribe?link?under the Incite ad?

1. First, you click on?login?and do that?then

2. You click on?subscribe?and follow the payment process

If you first log in using your username and password and?then?click on?subscribe?you will be able to follow the payment process. Doing that will?connect?your payment to your account.
I suggest using Stripe to pay as it is easier than Paypal.


To pay using Stripe select Credit/Debit card

If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to ask me for help sb at

When we get those 19 subs we will have achieved half the metaphorical suit of armour we need to protect us from future attacks on our revenue.

We are almost there.

Thank you for your support. I know you will enjoy being ad-free and having faster loading times.