When was the last time a bloke won the Treasury benches for Labour?

I think Labour have missed a trick by installing Jacinda Ardern as Deputy Leader.

If all the reasons given for her to be Deputy are valid then they are more valid for her to be leader.

Pretty Face – Not much point having a pretty face if it is never going to grace the election hoardings. Let’s face it, Bill vs Andrew is dull and boring. Jacinda vs Bill is much more appealing…if you accept that a pretty face garners votes.

Winning – She’s won precisely one election, and with an abysmal turnout, but Andrew Little says she is a winner…despite losing twice to Nikki Kaye whose CV is as thin as Jacinda’s. But hey, Andrew Little says #winning.?

Her boyfriend is a media luvvie – This will have helped enlist the Media party to run her deputy leadership coup to fake out old Annette King, but will it help come election time…it might do.

Comrade – When president of the IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth) ?she made an impassioned nine-minute speech that mentioned the word comrade umpteen times. She has the street cred of a hardcore socialist.

Youth vote – ?She’s hip, has a hip boyfriend?and has been hip since 2008, the young professionals of Auckland Central have never turned out for her before but now she is deputy they will. #winning again.

But her biggest draw card is this:

Girl power – Let’s face it the last time a bloke won for Labour was in 1987 when David Lange was returned. That is thirty years ago. Since then Helen Clark got Labour into power for nine years and since then there have been four bloke leaders and they have all been tits, including Andrew Little.

The odds are not good for Little, he needs to concede the leadership now and hand over to the clearly more competent Jacinda Ardern.

Labour can easily do this, in three months time. They have a rule that says that caucus can select the leader if 3 months out from an election. That is essentially the Mike Moore clause. Getting a leader in who will lose less badly for them.

Let’s face it, Labour’s list is going to be top heavy with women because of the man ban rule, so they may as well make Jacinda leader now. She is the heir to Helen Clark’s former seat now…it seems fitting.

On top of that, next month, when Jacinda rates higher than Andrew Little in the preferred Prime Minister stakes Labour are going to have to do it anyway.