Little love nor money for Labour

Guest post

Are political parties still attracting the big donors?

As political parties head towards electioneering, they need to have their coffers full so are the big donations rolling in? Let?s compare donations over $30,000 received between 26 November 2011 and 20 September 2014 versus 20 September 2014 till now.



This time in March 2014 the Labour Party had declared $465,258.33 with a total of $615,258 by September from 4 identities: 120,000 from EPMU and Dairy Workers Union, 64,999 from Phillip Mills and a generous donation of $430,259 from a deceased estate. One wonders how long ago that Will was written and whether it was more in sentiment with the Labour Party of long ago. ?

This time around so far they have only declared one donation of 50,000 from Philip Mills.

The Labour Party is desperate for large donations; sausage sizzles and tea towel sales is not going to do it.

So are the Unions going to step up or is Labour banking on the business skills of Jacinda Ardern to charm Auckland business community to open their wallets?


The Greens only had $10,000 in the pot by March 2014 but increased it to $138,375 by September including one from Phillip Mills of $60,000. This time round so far there are two donors, once again Phillip Mills has donated $65,000 and a generous gift from a deceased estate of $283,835. With a total of $348,835, the Greens are matching the donations received by the largest party in parliament. Well done, those hippies.


Act had accumulated $206,133 by March 2014 added another $100,000 by the time of the election. Five donors had stumped up with $306,133, the biggest one is Alan Gibbs who donated $132,000 in total. This time so far $191,289 has been gifted to Act by Dame Jenny Gibbs.
Act are on target this year but without the Gibbs Family support they would be struggling.


Zilch. NZ First have had no big donors for the last six years and looking at their annual returns it appears their MPs fund the party. Why isn?t Peters targeting his elderly voters and asking for NZ First to be remembered in their wills?


Two donations totalling $210,000 last time, nothing as yet for this cycle. The Maori Party and National Party have a donor in common. I wonder if this strengthens the bond between the two parties?




By March 2014 National declared $301,527.83 and at the last election, they had received a total of $1,152,568 from 12 donors. National was the beneficiary of $547,920 from a deceased estate. The other sizeable donation is from Earl Hagaman who is now has a defamation case against Andrew Little.

This time $355,645 has come in from 8 different identities. Will be interesting to see with English at the helm and the UN resolution whether some of the bigger donations dry up.

Last time there were two big players with enormous pockets who flushed their money down the toilet

The Internet Party funded by Kim Dotcom who was trying to buy himself out of a plane trip with $3,500,000. However, there was also another bigger player who was desperate to be a politician. In the last election, the Conservative Party went into the elections with $4,419,500. Laurence and Katrina Day gave $1,425,000 and Colin Craig donated to himself $3,594,500. After the 2014 election and before his troubles the records show another $524,300. That is a total of $3,518,800. Over $3.5m for what? No wonder he doesn?t want to let go of the Conservative Party and fighting defamation cases in courts, ego and money are getting in the way. I wonder if he got any money back, he might have more pressing needs for it sometime.

This election Gareth Morgan will be the one to watch. Is he going to put his money where his mouth is or like a typical socialist let others pay for his self-serving vanity trip?

Will be interesting to see over the next few months which parties are going to be beneficiaries of big money. Will the Unions come to the rescue of the Labour Party?

One thing we do know. National is taking a hit as long as McCully and English are running the show. Bill was told this during a meeting with some of the party’s most generous past donors. The reason? UNSC Resolution 2334. Apparently, National’s campaign finance is dependent on being good friends with Israel instead of despotic and terror-laden countries.